Wednesday, 21 March 2012

If Daisy the Cow Can't Play... Neither Will I?

Yet another example of false advertising has entered my world and caused major embarrassment!! Some of you may remember my attempts to buy "massive shoes" a little while ago. I thought that was bad enough, but imagine my frustration at the sign shown above!?!

I took Daisy the jersey cow to enjoy that rarest of places. A joint play area for farm animals and children. As unusual as it sounds that's what the sign said and who am I to argue with it. I know what some of you are thinking? How stupid and irresponsible! But I will have you know I arrived prepared, like many pet owners, for any unfortunate accidents. I had a number of extra large refuse sacks so I could pick up any mess Daisy may leave around, although I have to say it was a lot harder to pick up the humongous, steaming cow pats than it looked when I have seen dog owners do the same.

As usual there were those that stared and pointed at Daisy and I. Obviously missing the point of this play area. One mother got extremely irate and threatening. Apparently her little boy was scared as Daisy's undulating udders came flying towards him down the slide. If you ask me he should have got off quicker so more people could have a go anyway. Some kids are so sensitive.

Things reached an unfortunate climax when some children came out of the ball pool covered in manure! But what could I do? I had run out of bin bags and frankly didnt realise what Daisy was doing while in the ball pool. It was hard to concentrate with the cries and screams of the children in there. Some parents really should control their offspring?? Needless to say Daisy and I had to leave. Apparently I had read the sign wrong and there was a separate area to look at farm animals.

That didn't sound like much fun to me. Or to Daisy!